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Assistive Technology in Education

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Funding Resources for Higher Education:

Texas has several grant programs for students with disabilities. The government's education code provides fee waivers for state residents, while other programs are limited to those living with a specific disability or attending a particular institution. Applying for grants and scholarships from both general and specific programs will maximize funding chances.

Texas State University
TSU offers students with disabilities a chance to include their disability-related expenses in the cost of tuition. Examples include special transportation, equipment, services, and general assistance. Allowing students to estimate these needs and add them to the cost of attending Texas State can make their eligibility for financial aid rise. Students can only add expenses that are not covered by another grant or scholarship program. Texas State University has a broad definition of what it considers a disability, so check guidelines to assess eligibility.

Texas Scholarships at The University of Texas at Austin
Margaret Nosek Scholarship
For students who will be at the senior, master, or doctoral level in the next academic year. They must certify that they have a disability that causes a significant functional limitation in one or more major life activities. Applicants must provide evidence of ambition to pursue a career in research in any academic area. Preference will be given to traditionally underrepresented groups. Applicants must send a description of current research and anticipated outcomes to The Texas Exes, Director of Scholarships, P.O. Box 7278, Austin, TX 78713; or e-mail to Specific financial needs relating to this research should be included.

Carole L. Patterson Scholarship
For students with physical disabilities that are enrolled in at least six hours at UT Austin, with preference given to students with a mobility disability. Applicants must have at least a minimum 2.5 UT GPA. Financial need may be used to distinguish among applicants.

Will Rogers Memorial Scholarship
The Will Rogers Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of qualified students registered at The University of Texas at Austin. This scholarship is intended for disabled students or non-disabled students studying to work with disabled individuals, especially disabled children. “Disabled” in this context shall refer to students who have a physical or non-physical disability, including mental and spiritual hardships and obstacles caused by the environment and lack of opportunity. Financial need may be used to distinguish among applicants.

Lois Ford LaBauve Scholarship
This scholarship is given in memory of Lois Ford La Bauve. Ms. La Bauve was a Texas schoolteacher for many years and always displayed a passion for learning. She was the director of Services for the Blind and Disabled at the Texas State Library and founded the Texas Talking Book program. At least one scholarship for a minimum of $500 will be awarded per year for students who have a disability that impairs their ability to access printed material. If funding is available, additional scholarships and/or scholarships of a larger monetary value will be awarded. Applications are reviewed during the spring semester. Scholarship is awarded in the fall semester.

American Council of the Blind of Texas
The Texas chapter of the American Council of the Blind aims to improve the quality of life for those who are blind or visually impaired. It allocates funding based on the number of recipients. Candidates must have obtained a 3.0 or higher GPA in either high school or college. Letters of reference and an autobiographical letter are required. Decisions are based on achievements in
academia, commitment to the community and financial need. Click here to download information and application.

Educational Grants for the Disabled
Having a disability should not stand in the way of achieving educational goals. That is widely acknowledged, and there's a wide variety of grants and scholarships to help disabled students gain access to college.

ACB Scholarships
Scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 are awarded by the American Council of the Blind to legally blind U.S. citizens each year to assist them in paying college expenses.

MS Society
The National MS Society Scholarship Program provides educational scholarships to students with multiple sclerosis or students whose parents have multiple sclerosis.


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