Short-term Device Loans

When individuals with disabilities, their families, or qualified professionals are able to borrow an AT device and evaluate it in a normal, day-to-day, life environment, they are better able to determine if the device meets their needs or the needs of individuals with disabilities they are serving.  They are then able to make informed choices about what device to purchase or whether to purchase a device at all.

The Short-term Device Loan program works with other agencies that provide assistive technology device loans in order to develop a system of mutual referral.  Consumers can thereby find the agencies most appropriate to meet their equipment loan needs.  The Texas Technology Access Program is also developing an assistive technology device loan program designed to meet the needs of persons not served by existing agency loan programs.

Current Inventory Categories

Daily Living Aids (ADLs) - Items to help you through your day


Reachers and Grabbers                     Support Braces

Kitchen                                     Feeding

Dressing                                  Grooming

Writing                                    Typing

Recreation                                 Miscellaneous

Switches and Mounts - Items to provide alternative access




Communication - Items that help relay information and thoughts


Vision and Hearing - Items to lessen or overcome sight or sound barriers




Early Childhood / Pediatric  and Learning - Items for infants, children, and enhancing the learning process


Early Child / Pediatric


Computers - Items that help you input, process, and receive information




Access Software

Device Loans:

  • are free
  • are for six weeks and may be renewed if the device has not been requested by another borrower
  • are available to anyone in Texas
  • provide free shipping both ways

Loans are available to:

  • people with disabilities
  • family members
  • educators
  • service providers
  • employers

Borrowers will agree to:

  • treat the device with care
  • return the device on time
  • pay for repair - or replacement - of the device if damaged due to abuse or neglect

How to Request a Device:

  • Download a Device Loan Request Form in Microsoft Word™ format.
  • Download Loan Request Form.
  • Call 1-800-828-7839 and ask that a Loan Request Form be sent to you by U. S. mail.

Other Important Information for Borrowers:
Support Person Requirement.  While most assistive technology devices are easy to understand and use, many require special training, set-up, and support.  Devices requiring special support are indicated in the Current Inventory List.  If you request one of these items, you will need a support person available in order to borrow the equipment.  Section 2 in the Loan Request Form asks for information about your support person.  Support persons are often teachers; occupational, physical, or speech therapists; or early childhood intervention specialists.

For additional information:
Call (800) 828-7839