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Daily Living Aids (ADLs) | Miscellaneous

Mini Relax

Image of mini relax envirmental controlThe Mini Relax is a scanning infrared transmitter that enables the user to use single switch scanning to control the TV, VCR, or any other device that operates using infrared.

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Relax II

Image a relax 2 enviormental controlThese products use scanning infared transmitters to control everything from lights and appliances to the TV and VCR via remote access!

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Swirl Art

Image of Swirl ArtPaint colors can be applied to a spinning blank card activated by your switch, creating a kaleidoscope of colorful designs. Fantastic for increasing color recognition and visual attention.

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Tabletop Spring Scissors/ Adult

image of Tabletop Spring ScissorsPush-down scissors self-open after each cut, preserving user’s strength. Tide T-shaped plastic handle serves as a stable base while sliding along the material being cut. Blade guards included for storage.

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Weighted Hand Writing Glove

Image of Weighted Hand Writing GloveVersatile glove provides proprioceptive input and compression during fine motor or self help activities. Can also be used for strengthening exercises. The glove is made of soft cotton spandex with a weighted pouch that rests on the back of the hand. It is fingerless which allows for maximum finger flexibility and wrist mobility.

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How to Request a Device

       • Please Note: Request for loans of augmentative communicative devices must include a licensed speech/language pathologist or other professional familiar with the requested device(s) be listed on the request form.. Exception to this policy will be considered on an individual basis for an individual requiring a device to temporarily replace a personal device needing repair.