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Daily Living Aids (ADLs) | Feeding

Swirl Art

Image of Swirl ArtPaint colors can be applied to a spinning blank card activated by your switch, creating a kaleidoscope of colorful designs. Fantastic for increasing color recognition and visual attention.

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Winsford Feeder With Case

image of Winsford Feeder device with CaseWinsford Feeder with Case Enables people without use of their arms to feed themselves from a plate or bowl at their own speed. Slight head motion on chin switch activates motorized pusher that fills spoon, which automatically moves to mouth.

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How to Request a Device

       • Please Note: Request for loans of augmentative communicative devices must include a licensed speech/language pathologist or other professional familiar with the requested device(s) be listed on the request form.. Exception to this policy will be considered on an individual basis for an individual requiring a device to temporarily replace a personal device needing repair.