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Communication | Accessories

Accent 1400 Keyguard

image of Accent 1400 KeyguardThe keyguard allows the Accent 1400 to be set up for specific locations to accommodate a wide range of cognitive and motor skills.

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Accent Floor Mount

image of Floor Mount for Accent communication aidThis is a mounting solution when normal mounting accessibility is restricted due to a bed, wheelchair, or armchair, or when accessing a device through eye control.

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Announcer with Six Levels

image of announcerAnnouncer with Six Levels is a sequencer communicator that allows the user to first hear a series of words and then select one simply by activating its capability switch.

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Big Step-by-Step Choice.jpgIt record any series of messages directly into the BigMACK communicator and press its activation surface for the first message. Press it again a steps to the next message.

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Go! Board

image of Go BoardThe Go! Board Assistive Technology system is recommended for children who would benefit from a picture schedule. Provides a valuable asset for any classroom that uses scheduling techniques

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How to Request a Device

       • Please Note: Request for loans of augmentative communicative devices must include a licensed speech/language pathologist or other professional familiar with the requested device(s) be listed on the request form.. Exception to this policy will be considered on an individual basis for an individual requiring a device to temporarily replace a personal device needing repair.