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Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP)


ATAP Website

ATAP Webinars


Resources for Transition

Community Transition
Transition resources for individuals with disabilities moving from nursing homes and institutions to community living.


School Transition
Transition resources to assist students with disabilities moving from schools to independent living or community participation activities. 

Resources for Training

Assistive Technology Training

The Texas Technology Access Program provides training on a variety of AT topics.

Resources for Funding

Information Resources

Most of this information is obtained directly from agency and program websites and publications.

Resources for Education

Assistive Technology in Education

Technology is necessary for many students with disabilities to be able to take full advantage of educational opportunities.

Resources for Community Living

Assistive Technology in the Community

Technology support for people with disabilities to live where they choose and to participate fully in community life.

Resources for Health Care

Assistive Technology in Health Care

Private and public health insurance and managed care plans vary widely in paying for assistive technology devices.

Resources for Employment

Assistive Technology for Careers

Technology makes it possible for many people with disabilities to succeed in employment.

Resources for Information Technology

Telecommunications and Information Technology


For people with disabilities, telecommunications and information technology provide many of the same advantages provided to everyone else.

ATAP provides resource information for members as a way to reach developers interested in web accessibility.  ATAP works with WebAIM, notable web accessibility experts, to create documents containing web accessibility tips.


Resources for Assistive Technology Reuse


Project Mend

(210) 223-6363 San Antonio


DME Exchange

(214) 997-3631 Dallas